UAE Marks Increased Demands for Its Golden Visa for Skilled Professionals:

The United Arab Emirates Golden Visa program for professionals has seen a noticeable rise in interest over the last few weeks.  

“Last  year was marked by applicants mainly using property investments to secure their visas, this year is witnessing a shift” 

( Via : Divine Associates Ltd ) 

As a result, applications made through the skilled professional category are now seen as a chance to gain  the UAE Residency by Investment Scheme effortlessly easy. 

UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisations already has employment files for a significant number of professionals which speeds up the application process. 

“This is primarily because the specific skilled professional will already have an existing labour file with the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE)”. 

With the increasing job market, there is an increase in demand. Strong hiring trends are evident in industries like hospitality, retail, and digital services, particularly for mid- to senior-level positions. . 

“If 2022 was about property investments to secure the visa, we are seeing highly skilled newcomers into the UAE wanting to have longer-term residency. Plus, there are more companies offering incentives to their new and existing personnel,” according to the Gulf News report. 

 Businesses are also providing incentives to both new and existing employees. 

The residency by investment program still attracts a lot of interest. 

To entice top talent, authorities in the United Arab Emirates unveiled new plans to grant a total of 100,000 golden visas to eminent programmers from other nations.   

The UAE’s Minister for Artificial Intelligence, Chairman of the Dubai  

Chamber of Digital Economy, and Minister Omar Sultan Al Olama stressed to work on  the digital economy, remote work applications, and other related issues and also emphasized the necessity of a digital transformation while also stating that the UAE wants to fully utilize the potential of the digital economy, whose growth has been significantly noted in comparison to the global GDP over the past two decades.  

Additionally, the UAE launched a new Golden Visa program called “One Touch,” which among other things aims to simplify the application process for this kind of visa.  

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